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" Nature has given to man only one tongue but two ears so that we can hear twice as much as we can speak. "
Epiktet (1st cent. AD), philosopher

Regular employee surveys are necessary.  Modern management is based on including the know-how, the concerns and opinions of the employees in the management process. But doing a survey requires time and costs money so that it is rarely done. echopoll.com allows you to use your most valuable resource better: your employees.  Do a survey, easily and fast. echopoll.com offers you various possibilities of how to do surveys  - if necessary also anonymously - and how to analyse them electronically. 

Here some examples of employee surveys:

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In the last years employee surveys have become an integral part of the work in a modern personnel department.  

But if you think of surveys, you immdiately think how complex and difficult it is to create a questionnaire, how much time you need to actually do the survey with paper and pencil, that you have to enter the results in a system for analysis and how to interpret these results. 

These are among others the reasons why employee surveys are not done as often as necessary.  - Sometimes the reason is that the respondent is worried about being confronted with the open and honest results of a survey. 

With echopoll.com you can do employee surveys easily, fast and also on request anonymously. The questionnaire is created online, e-mailed to and answered online by the respondent. The results are automatically collected in form of a table (also for download in Excel or SPSS) and processed graphically. echopoll.com reduces the time required for your survey consequently to the main aspects of a survey, i.e. 

  • create a questionnaire and 
  • interpret the results.

Create a questionnaire

echopoll.com offers various possibilities of how to do surveys. Especially for employee surveys we have put together numerous templates but of course you can create your survey completely independently from these templates. Our team of expert consultants gladly supports you when you create a questionnaire that corresponds exactly to your individual needs.

In order to see the templates, please go to the test environment and set up an account for yourself - of course free of charge and without obligation. There you will find templates e.g. to the following subjects:

  • Work and health in the company
  • Job satisfaction 
  • Evaluation of employees
  • Satisfaction with superior
  • Final evaluation of employees
  • Recruting of staff
  • Seminar evaluation
  • Business ideas and new developments
  • Meeting preparation
  • Meeting analysis ex post
  • Comprehensive employee surveys on the following subjects:
    • Working conditions,
    • Further training and potential for development,
    • Salary and social security,
    • Internal communication and collaboration with superiors,
    • Questions about the group/department,
    • Questions about work climate/company/group
    • Quality of product and service, statistical questions, questions about employee surveys

Interpretation of results

echopoll.com analyses the answers to your surveys and groups the answers to each question in a table. Of course, you can also show the results as a chart. In addition, you can export the data in SPSS or Excel for further analysis. This provides a sound basis for your interpretation of the results. 

echopoll.com will gladly support you with its experienced consultants in analysing and interpreting the results. 

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