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" The mission and purpose of every company is to satisfy the client. "
Peter Drucker (1909), author and teacher

What has this sentence got to do with client survey?

Very simple: If client satisfaction is your top priority, then you must know your clients.  

Information about clients can be obtained from various sources and the importance and the quality of the sources vary according to the product and the group of clients. But the following two sources of information are always of utmost importance:

  1. Information that the company has alreaday obtained about its clients 
  2. Information that the client makes available to the company i.e. by means of a client survey

The company determines the quality of the information. This information comes directly from the clients. In addition, competitors do not have access to this information.

Here some examples of client surveys:

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If we want to know our clients better, we have to talk to them. Ask questions and listen, a client survey is the best method to find out your clients´ needs. You decide which questions you ask in a survey. echopoll.com offers you an elegant and professional way for a reasonable price to do your client survey online.

Why don´t you register in the test environment and try how echopoll.com works? You can  

  • use one of the numerous templates you find under online client surveys and amend it to your individual needs or
  • create your own completely new questionnaire or
  • reuse the questions from an earlier client survey - perhaps with other clients.

You will see that the advantages of this client survey platform will also convince you. echopoll.com has a variety of possible questions and also allows questions with routing, e.g. if you answer question 1 with "yes", the survey automatically continues with question 2 or if you answer question 1 with "no" the survey continues with question 3. If necessary we support you when you create your questionnaire. Please call us. We will gladly send you an individual offer.

When the questionaire is ready you have several possibilities to make your online survey accessible to your clients:

  • You use a link on your homepage that leads directly to the client survey.
  • You e-mail the link to the client survey to your clients.
  • You use the e-mail function (only in business tariff) that allows to send an individual link to a survey to the clients. Each link can only be used once, so that after answering the questionaire the link is unusable.

The result are collected online and processed in tables and graphics. You can also download the data to process them in Excel oder SPSS. We are happy to support you when doing the analysis.

Always remember: There is only one boss: the client. He can easily fire anyone in the company, starting from the managers downwards by spending his money elsewhere.(Sam Walton)


Examples of surveys done with echopoll.com:

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